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Benefits Plan

Article I - Insurance Benefit

Section 1. Each Member Shall be covered with a minimum insurance of P 150,000.00 for the P 300.00 monthly contribution. Every P 100.00 contribution provides P 50,000.00 insurance. Doubling, the contribution doubles the insurance.

Section 2. Double Indemnity (twice the Insurance) shall be paid to fatalities and casualties who succumb within thirty (30) days from work related activities or accidents.

Section 3.  If such work related activities or accidents in the preceding Section result in a complete disability of a member, such as loss of both legs, or both arms, or both eyes, or any similar condition, he/she shall immediately receive ONE THOUSAND PESOS (1,000.00) monthly for life, stop payment of monthly contribution, continue being covered for insurance, and may at age 65, opt to receive monthly pension or lump sum from his/her equity in the Association. The beneficiary(ies), upon the demise Member before 65, shall receive the insurance amount and receive monthly pension or in lump sum from the equity of the member.

Section 4. Insurance coverage shall continue up to age 65, either by the payment of the monthly contribution or by the insurance cost of the member's individual retirement and savings accounts.

Section 5. The total benefit is the sum of the insurance and the individual retirement and savings account.

Section 6. The cost of insurance shall be determined by management pursuant to the underlying principle of providing the best and greatest benefits at the list cost.

Section 7. Savings in insurance is the balance when claims experienced in mortality is deducted from the insurance cost.

Article II - Retirement Benefit

Section 1. The retirement benefit is the final amount less the insurance coverage in the total benefits column in the schedule of benefits and contribution.

Section 2. Each Member shall be provided an individual retirement account. This account shall record annually the equity and dividends from the earnings from investments and savings in insurance.

Section 3. The Individual Retirement Account may be withdrawn under the following conditions and options.

a. By the Member upon discharge, separation or retirement from the service; but may opt to continue contributing up to to age 65.

b. By the beneficiary(ies) upon the death of the member as willed by the Member; otherwise, in the absence of such will, they may opt either to receive monthly pension or lump sum.

Article III - Investment Benefit

Section 1. Loans. The Loans under this BENEFIT PROGRAM are available to the Members for their most pressing needs. Through Automatic payroll deductions. The association is enable to extend to members loans at low interest rates and the most convenient terms. The program will balance the interests of the Members as contributor and the borrower at the same time. Loans shall have no front-end charges.

a. SALARY LOANS. Loans shall be repaid in equal monthly installments.

b. NEW CAR/TRANSPORTATION FINANCING LOANS. This loan shall finance 80% of the cost of purchase of a brand new car/transport unit from an authorized dealer. The certificate of registration shall be in the name of the Association under the care of the Member and transferred to the member upon full payment of the loan. Comprehensive Insurance Policy with protection against loss shall cover the transaction. This loan may be repaid in eighty four (84) equal installments.

c. HOME MORTGAGE LOAN. This Loan program, which requires 20% equity on the cost of the home, may be repaid in twenty-five (25) years.

Section 2. Investments in government and money market securities. Funds that are not immediately needed for loans to the Members will only be invested in government and money market securities on short term. These are the only other authorized investments to preclude the investment of Association funds in speculative or risky ventures.

Section 3. Earnings from Investments. Investment earnings is the balance of the Investment Fund Beginning plus income minus expenses.

Article IV - Savings Benefit

Section 1. Members enjoy savings benefits on their additional contributions in the short term to accumulate certain amounts for an endowment, a house, education, vacation, or business in preparation for as a prelude to retirement.

Section 2. Each member will receive an Individual Savings Account. This Account shall record annually the Member's Savings equity and Dividends from the earnings in investments.

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