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Equity savings

All profits and savings are deposited to the members’ account thru their Equity Savings Passbook, updated annually by the Association at the rate of not less than six percent (1.5%) interest on Savings per annum.

Loan Benefit

The PSMBAI is offering up to Php 50,000.00 Salary Loan to regular employee members and with a flat rate interest of only fourteen percent (14%) per annum payable in two (2) years.

During the school and semestral opening of classes (June and October), the PSMBAI is also extending its Educational Loan assistance to members in the amount of P10,000 each for every qualified members with no front end charges at fourteen percent (14%) interest payable for one (1) year.

Life Insurance Protection

Life Insurance up to the age of 65 with accidental death benefit with double indemnity rider.

Php 360.00 – membership contribution (Regular  Employee)

Php 156,480.00 - Insurance Protection (Normal Death)

Php 312,960.00 -   Double Indemnity (Accidental Death)

Healthcare Benefit

PSMBAI offers health card from Care Health Plus at a very low price.

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