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PSMBAI Board of Trustee

Chairman Edmundo Estavillo.jpg

Edmundo I. Estavillo

Sir Ed
President Antonio Fidelson.jpg

Antonio E. Fidelson

Sir Alvin

Engr. Harrison A. Cabutaje

  • Master in Business Administration

  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (RA 1080)

  • Phlpost Mgnt. Position-Division Chief (Engineer V)

  • Twenty Seven(27) years of Postal Service

  • Trainings/Seminars:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Implementation Training Course   

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Requirements Training Course       

  • Corporate Governance and AMLA Seminar       

  • Corporate Governance Orientation Program    

  • Sustainable Proactive Advocacies in Civil Engineering (SPACE2017)         

  • Orientation on Withholding Tax on compensation Expanded Withholding Tax & Value Added Tax           

  • Seminar on Integrity, Transparency and Accountability in Public Service (ITAPS)               

  • Seminar on sustainable Development Program               

  • Strategic Leadership Course (MSP-Phlpost Executive Development Program)

  • CSI Leadership Series: Mentoring and Coaching for Organizational Excellence   

  • Orientation-Workshop on Strategic Performance Management system (SPMS)              

  • Transformational Leadership   

  • The Call to Personal Leadership              

  • Corporate Governance               

Sir Harris

Roger M. Tumlos

  • Master in Government Management

  • Bachelor of Laws-AB Political Science

  • Training and Seminars

  • AMLA Seminar-Seminar on Corporate Governance

  • Strategic Leadership Course

  • CSI Leadership Series

  • Coaching & mentoring

  • Transformational Leadership Seminar

Sir Roger
Ma'am Melo

Melody P. Olavidez, PhD

  • Doctor of Philosophy Major in Bus. Management

  • Doctor Of Public Administration

  • Master In Public Administration

  • BSC-Acctg

  • Occupying Executive Position in Philpost's Area Director of Southern Luzon.

  • Experience 22 years in Gov’t Service

  • 10 years in the Academic Teaching

Corporate Secretary
Board of Trustee Lydia Villalobos.jpg
  • Associate and Secretarial graduate

  • Bachelor Business Administration-Banking and Finance Graduate

  • Philpost Corporation-Clerk 1V 1979-2012 Retired

Lydia B. Villalobos

General Manager
Ma'am Yeyeng

Rufo E. Ednalaga

  • Marine Enginering  Undergraduate

  • Philpost Corporation-Letter Carrier

Trustee Member
Sir Rufo
MA'am Noemi
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